the origins…

It all started with a barn in ruins in a simple rural town three minutes from the ocean. It was perfect for a family to enjoy holidays, the countryside, and the seaside.

The barn was renovated and the meadow transformed. A beautiful patio was created, alongside a superb swimming pool and a porch perfect for memorable summer dinners.

2010 brought the first major enhancement where the family home was expanded and transformed into a boutique hotel, with no other aim, but to share its way of life with guests and friends.

The name originates from the town of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where the original owners bought a beautiful hammock. Once at home it found a place between two great acacias where everyone fought to take a nap, read and day-dream… It was evident that Les Hamaques was the name, and the ideal place, for those who seek to rest, disconnect and contemplate.


the future…

In July 2020, the hotel was bought by Johan and Sandy from South Africa. Their European story started in 2017, when they decided to escape the corporate life and create a new life in the Girona area of Catalunya. It was here that their first project was to transform the old estate of Can Campolier near Banyoles into a modern yet stylish country hotel. This has since been handed over to their children, who will be the future of Campolier.

By chance, Johan and Sandy discovered the magic of Les Hamaques and instantly knew that it was their next dream project. With an aim to remain true to its legacy, while bringing their own personal touches to the hotel, the couple created a location where their guests feature at the centre of everything they do.

The dream lives on…

Cozy and familiar. An unbeatable service.

Perfect location to relax and unwind completely. The service has been unbeatable, Nathalie, Sandy, Johan … have made us feel at home taking care of each and every detail. The perfect breakfasts, orange juice, good coffee, toast, pastries, sausage ….

Highly recommended, a great place to relax, we will be back for sure! Thanks for everything!

Anna & Victor 
Anna & Victor

Arriving at a small village where from the street a little grey door with a light was winking at us
and saying: Here I am! I´m waiting for you! It was already nice!
And the welcoming that gave us Nathalie, always so attentive and so discreet.
But Johan and Sandy´s attentions are not attentions, but rather they are like delicacies and
gifts. They are very nice persons, attentive to everything, capable of impressing, improving, attending
their guests this way that they feel they are wanted.

Chus and Javier 
Chus and Javier

For our anniversary we couldn’t have made a better choice. The taste for design, every
detail is studied. Even we fell in love with the hotel´s bed linen.
Thank you for having such place and for taking care about it. Thank you for being so kind and
having a corner of silence and peace.

Pol and Maria 
Pol and Maria