bienestar en les hamaques

we care about your well-being


Enjoy breakfast in our quaint and romantic greenhouse, on your private patio or in our lush garden: simply the best way to start your day.

Our breakfasts are healthy, using only organic produce, with the majority of our products made at home, or sourced locally.

We also pay special attention to celiacs, vegans and natural diet enthusiasts.

For complete relaxation, all you have to do is choose the massage that most appeals to you on our Therapies and Massages menu.

If you are a lover of the outdoors and like to keep fit, there is nothing better than a walk to the beach, forest or mountain; or choose to ride your bike along the quiet roads in the area. We would be happy to assist anyone looking for practical tips and directions.

If you would you prefer to have dinner at the hotel, then please look forward to an appetising gastronomic experience served only to a maximum of three tables per night. Prior reservation is essential.